5th Day: an Apple's life

So another delayed post haha...well this time Sir George brings you a friend of his ,Mr Apple first featured in Wrestling Kampung and now Mr Apple would like to expand his Career by doing his second act.

Daniel as Sam

aka Zombie Prof

Zombie online.com

Mr Apple: Hey I thought this post is about me?!!

Sir G: OK...OK..Calm down ..

Mr Apple posing

Posing again..

So the story is this, We plan to audition Mr Apple, but then decided what the heck bring him in.Mr A has no Idea what in store for him.Until...

Mr Apple: AARRRGGGHH!!! Stop touchin me!

Mr Apple: Is that guy plannin to bite me?

Mr Apple: Bunch of Wacko Professors what kind of movie is this?

Mr Apple: I know this was comin....Noooo!! Don't eat me..I've not done with my Return of an Apple...Noooooooo!

Sir G: Well that's the end of Mr Apple,anyway the Film is still under process and will estimate to premier by end of March, so watchout for the Announcement.

Sir George Said:
"Well Election just around the corner,my station will be in my own high school Sabah College,Rain just keep on pouring these days.So far NikonD40X really catch my attention but it's not too late to change my mind..come convince me more..Really busy with my House Renovation will post that up soon.Going out for a small vacation on the 10 April to Hanoi then KL and back to KK on the 17April..Can't wait for Good Friday finally I'll be Baptist then wooohoooo!!"


Dreaming Artemis said...

George, go for the D300! Skip those kiddy DSLR and use a real man's cam! hahaahahhaahah Tell danny he looks like zombie !

Anonymous said...

The coming CANON 450D, CANON 400D or CANON 40D!

impedius said...

Hmm... I have to feature that apple in my video movie review next time. heh...

Anonymous said...

See Here or Here

Anonymous said...

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