4th Day: Shaz crib with some Li'l Project

4th day mark another tiring zombie day for the crew ,and Well on this day we shot the film at Shaz house.Cant wait for the end product

Julian as Sean

there's reason of gettin all the props you saw from the pictures, we made a separate video out of this for auditioning for a famous show, really hope to show it to you guys but..some of you might know it already but please keep the noise down or better shut it k..

Video in the Makin

Azzura's Fury

my precious

Here's the code if you guys wanna break it..but please keep it to yourself.. (20+0)*(1+18+1) = aX*1/2N


impedius said...

I know what you're talking about! Add me in blogroll then i shut up! lol

Anonymous said...

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