Day 6 and 7 Final Shoot

Finally it's here and its almost over...the most crucial and difficult part to shoot..What happen to Irene ?Is she dead or Undead...????

Day 7 and that's a wrap

Sir George Said:
"I apologize for the delay again?!..really extremely busy at the moment..going travellin again tomorrow for Sandakan for 3 days. Attend a Photography Workshop by Louis Pang today with group of friend mostly from KK Blogger.This event is in collaboration with Epson which is so kind to giveaway lucky draws and land the first prize to Sir George..Will blog about it more soon, but for the next blog you'll get to see the new 3 storey house that I bought 2 years ago finally gets an OC"


impedius said...

when can i go inside the 3 storey house???

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