Happy V day 2008

I know this suppose to be posted while back..Anyway..lets move on..This year Sir George and Lady NaNa celebrate V day with a home-made Burger and Fries..how classic...

this is what you get for not earning so much money..hehe..jokin' actually we made a pact..sayin this year you cook for me on V day and that makes my turn to cook the following year..

The whole delaying happen because of one thing...This....

PSP, a new distraction for my blog, what I currently have in it is
1)Final Fantasy Tactic War of the Lions
2)FIFA 08
4)Downstream Panic
5)Monster Hunter 2
6)Bleach Heat the Soul 4
7)Dungeon Siege

Have you Seen a new RM 50 note?

Well in starting tomorrow is the battle of Flags and Posters for the pre-election, I hope it wont be very messy..Now busy doin the short film project..which I will feature some pix on the next post..stay tuned.


maslight said...

omigosh~ eh..rm50? eh? blur @_@

mr-penman said...

Happy V day 2008, Sir George+Lady Nana!

Sir George said...

maslight> hehe..betul punya tu

mr-penman>Happy V-day to you too and Pengirl

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