Office of the Dead

This is a mirror post from DinZwhatever..A scene from our short film project which force all of us to work overtime and hence became .....

release date: still under production

director: impedius

writer: impedius, kcishere

starring: shiVER, sir_george, impedius, diasranford, doridori, IRTeA, rob-jr, sleepywolf

studio: CSP Films

genre: Horror, Comedy

official site: TBC

rating: U for no scene of blood and violence throughout, polite language and brief exposure of skin hair

runtime: 30 minutes

From the people who brought you Revenge Of The Cubex and Wrestling Kampung comes a new horror/comedy movie entitled Office Of The Dead. The story is about a a bunch of working people who stayed in the office till late due to overtime. Things went all wrong when one of them mysteriously disappeared and reappeared as a zombie. The rest were attacked one by one and whoever got bitten became a zombie themselves. Will anyone survive these attacks and live to tell the tale? The whole story is told via a camcoder(ala Cloverfield) by Dino who managed to record vital moments of this funny... *kof* *kof* ... horrific event.

Official Trailer

Spoiler Clip

Behind the scene Bloopers

Thanx to DinZwhatever for the marvelous job..sequel?


maslight said...

it's owez so funny..

everyone killed the ninja... XD

Nicholas said...

Walao weeee...

Ada People's Elbow nih.... roflmao !!

urg kita said...

kill 'em job.

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