Post CNY 2008

Wow..*Punya main busy sia ni!.. I'm dead busy.. How's everyone Chinese New year?.. Well starting from this year I've stop receiving the Red Packets instead now Sir George and Lady NaNa Givin'em away...the whole week we spend our CNY in Beaufort for two days and Tuaran the remaining subsequent 3 days.
Non-Stop_ eating_Food + Gambling + Firewox - Ang_Pow = Sir George's CNY...hehe.. here's some pix

My Li'l Bro receivin Ang Pow..

Beaufort Trio

Tuaran, I wore Red Shirts for the entire CNY week

Cherry Blossom?

Baby Maia..

Have you weigh yourself lately..What's the Magic number ? ha ha.There's so many things to blog about but I apologize for my busy schedule will try my best to post bit by bit K.. Appreciate your patience . didn't see that..Magic Card Bah

ThanX for all the CNY wishes and may Stuart Little brings you wealth,Mickey Mouse Brings You Health and Rattatouille brings you Prosperity .


mr-penman said...

I haven't got a chance to "fatt choi" yet...


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