Wrappin' Up 2007

Hi Everyone!! I'm Back!! I know I know... I'm waaay behind schedule ..I apologize to all.. I can't let loose from my work..but now Sir George has a li'l break and brings you what happen from Christmas to the New Year!

First Stop, Tuaran Christmas Eve.

Fairy lights for the main lobby

Christmas Tree for the Living room

more decoration, this is the main entrance to the living room

main stairs

Some whacky moment

These are the family presents

Christmas Present From Lady NaNa..

Red Devil

Manchester United

MUFC authentic

Back View

proud to be a Man United

I've Been a Man United Fan since the King Eric Cantona Era right to David Beckham and still am a Red Devil ever since

Christmas present From ma'Mum

Bon Jovi Lost Highway Concert DVD

Front view

Back View

Inner View

I listen and start becoming a fan of Bon Jovi during the Crossroad Era that is 1994 and let me tell ya they are the best Rock band ever ..ThanX Mum!

Big Apple Donut

First Donut Chain in Sabah

RM22 for 12

After the long queue, only to find out my Durian Donut is empty inside..I guess they are just too busy and forgotten about the Fillings.. but it's all good ..See Flan I support your Family.. Can I get a refund for the Durian Donut hehe..
New Year's eve Game

Jenga or in this case Uno Stacko

Crackin my head*

focus focus..

new practical for architect

This game is damn challenging, after a few Glass of alcohol makes you see a double stacko..who ever stack collapse get a free Drink of alcohol.

I know It's abit late but let me Personally wish all of you a Very Happy New Year 2008!!


maslight said...

O.O punya banyak tu presents!!!!!

Ceara said...

Love those Donuts..especially the one with Kiwi flavour..I bought one dozen too but didn't manage to try all..It's filling..Anyway, Happy New Year!!1

Sir George said...

Maslight> haha..banyak family members ba

Ceara>yaya..very filling..love the homer one tho..I guess we cant eat this all the time..haha

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