It has arrive..

Sir George punya first 2008 present is here!!I've got myself a PSP version of Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions and 2 added bonus.

Package has arrive

3 Items

This come as a package from Play-asia a Rukia Gashapon. It's a keychain with a button in a middle, once press you'll hear Rukia voice, it has i think about 4-5 type of quotes.

Rukia Gashapon

I finally get myself a Sony PSP version of Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions, It is my favorite game since the Playstation 1 version own FFT . This time it comes with added character of Balthier from FF12, Added job like the Onion Knight and of course enhance graphic.This is by far my favorite FFT among others and the Best FF series.

At last ... the Best FF series ever

Back view

This also comes in the package a Final Fantasy Tactics Trading arts model.A random pick model of five.

I wonder what's inside?

Side view

Rear View

Delita Pops out from the box.

He's here


Watcha lookin at?

All this for RM150 thanx Play Asia.


maslight said...

omg wow

mr-penman said...

punya syok!

Sir George said...

maslight> yaya.. lama suda sia tunggu ni..

mr-penman>haha..syokk sekarang busy main game saja sampai blog pun lupa..bad habit..

Haizum said...

Wow. RM150 only?? Macam banyak tu the stuff. So niiiice!

Ceara said...

Hah?? RM150 for the toys??hmmm.....

Nicholas said...

si joj ada psp ka??? omfg I'm so f***king outdated XD

Sir George said...

haizum>ya..Rm 150 only because ada voucher coupon bah..hehe

Ceara> was initially RM200 la ..but discounted with RM 50 voucher

nicholas>hehe..bulum ada PSP lagi boss, but will buy eventually very soon..see la which salesman approach me first..

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