Merry Christmas 2007

For those Sabahan whose out of town and Wonderin how does KK looks like right now...don't fret Coz' Sir George gonna show you how beautiful KK is ...This year I would say that the Christmas Spirit Hyped up in full throttle as everyone around KK anticipatin for this jolly good time.
First Stop..Warisan Square,

the most anticipatin deco from Warisan Square

Great decoration and lighting

Inside Warisan Square

Full of nice Fairy Lights

Fish & Co area

Wow! Keep it up Warisan Square can't wait for 1Borneo
Now,Tong Hing Gaya Street..

Most popular Supermarket of all time surrounded by fairy lights

but why the paper christmas tree..hmmm?

One of the popular Mall, City Mall

Love the Orb view on the Christmas Tree

two santas guarding the tree..haha!

And lastly my personal Favorite and a winner,Karamunsing Complex

Look at that!.This what I call White Christmas.. well done!

Merry Christmas!

Now you've seen some part of KK.. I hope you guys out there drop an email or call /text message your family and friends here in KK.

BoB and JacK: Merry Christmas Evrybody!!!!

Finally Sir George here would like to wish all JoJ Punya readers a Merry Christmas and have a wonderful Holiday!!!


mr-penman said...

Wishing you+family a blessed Christmas buddy! ^0^

Sir George said...

you too penman..have a great holiday!

JACQ said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year George! :)

DreamCatcher said...

ohh it is pretty...i miss KK all the more...

Sir George said...

Thanx for all the wishin really appreciate it

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