An Interview with a Vampire

Yesterday I had an interview with a vampire in Queen Elizabeth Hospital..Ha..Ha..Just kiddin'. I'm a regular Blood donor for a little thallasemia girl who has been suffering this disease since born.She Can't produce her red blood cell , therefor she need constant blood change every month. Unfortunately a person only able to donate blood every 3 months minimum.
1 pint of blood,weigh with a special machine

Sir George is O positive Blood Type and this is my 7th visit to donate Blood for this little girl.It's a pity that she can't produce red blood cell and only rely on Blood Bank supply.She would eventually be immune to my Red blood by developing antibody therefor need others helps to continue to live on. We all Know in the state Blood supply is depleting from time to time.Blood Bank encourage NGO,Private body or even Government to host Blood Donation Drove here and there, I Believe most of had seen it in town or maybe your school.The Blood Bank really in need for Blood Supply especially O positive being the Universal blood donor.

fearsome needles attack..

Some of you might be afraid of the big needle that poke into your vein, I had the same feeling too on my first time.But Nurse will numb your vein using local anasthetic and Voila~ you don't feel a thing .Blood bank needs only a pint of blood draining out from each person which is 450ml of blood .

and I'm done...450ml of my blood gone..getting abit slimmer now..hehe

If you feel like doing some good deeds and it happen to be today make sure you visit the Blood Bank in Queen Elizabeth Hospital.Maybe some of you don't even know you blood know who you me is important to get your blood tested and know your blood type, it's convenient for the medical team to identify which blood reserve for you in case things happen..* shit happens.If you happen to donate blood for the tenth time then you'll be awarded with a certificate from Queen Elizabeth Hospital.I'm going for that are you?..hehe

Remember, a drop blood saves a life.


Edgar said...

Donate Blood

mr-penman said...


and to all Sir-George's readers... donating blood isn't painful, it's a very meaningful selfless act, and it's good for male donor too.

Because guys don't have period, this will help you replenish new blood in a volume.


Nicholas said...

So dat's how you got "knighted" as SIR George XD

Haizum said...

Whoa! We have a good samaritan here. I feel evil. :S

There've been a few blood donation drives in college, but.. I.. just sort of... feel.. faint... around.. blood.... *woozy*.

Alright, I'm a baby. But I cant help it. :S

Sir George said...

edgar>haha..keep doin it man

mr-penman>thanx bro..guys indeed got no period..haha

nicholas>I've got my knighted thru alot of other things ..hehe you know what I mean

haizum>I know how you feel..been there too.. but the story of the little girl really help to boost my bravery...sniff*sniff* so touching

Ceara said...

Hey, my blood type is also O but not sure +ve or -ve..I would like to donate too but I'm soooo sooooo sooooooo scared. I think it's better for them to take my blood while I'm not concious.

Sir George said...

Haha... you have no control over how many pint of bloods they takin from you if you're unconcious .. when you are awake you can say "STOP! thats to much blood I want my blood Back!"..haha, trust me its not painful after the anasthetic.

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