DiGi Carnival at Warisan Square

A hunt for the Yellow ghost begins..
It was the DiGi Carnival at Warisan Square the same day the World Cup Power Boat in session.

To be honest this Carnival actually Rocks.. well because the other side(powerboat) was so hot and feelin like can of sardines..makes Sir George and Lady NaNa enjoy here better...

Ok When I know there will be a DiGi Carnival I always wanted to catch the Yellow Ghost..

where are thou..mr.yellow ghost?

So let the Huntin Begins...First stop..we met this Long ..I mean Tall Clown..

Call me Yao Ming

After that I actually ask him.. are interested in a game of Basketball..then he says..Boleh bah!..haha..Sabah Slang lagi tu.. Then we continue for the search and come to another clown..and this time he makes teddy bear outta Balloon!..

Seconds later..

A-ha!..orange balloon bear..!

can you make me a tommy gun next..please...

After few turns .. we finally found him!..It's the yellow ghost..wow..Sir George asks the Yellow Ghost to sing right after that... the song .."I will follow you, Follow you wherever you may go.."..The Yellow ghost looks at me and goes..err..he can't speak.....so nevermind..

It's the yellow ghost..found ya

we're good buddies now..free air time..woohoo..

The Yellow Ghost is so cool and I decided to join them.. and be part of'em

Latest addition, Sir George as the DiGi Yellow Ghost

But I'm still using Celcom..hehe.. no offence Mr.Ghost.


mr-penman said...

Sir-George... kau tidak kasi hantu DiGi tumpuk kuat~kuat dia?


Sir George said...

haha.. nanti dia cari kau tu masa tidur..mr.penman..

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