Sabah F2000 World Cup Power Boat

Last weekend we had a blast at the Bed..haha.. just kiddin.

I know lots of blogger had this ..but this is JoJ Punya version..haha..

Well Its the first time such prestige event held in Sabah and Sir George with Lady Nana Wouldn't wanna miss it.The amount of energy, the amount of anticipation and the amount of people are just crazy..

wow..sampan in the race too

Some people just dress-up for this Hot event..

People just stand there for few hours and to top it all the sun aint givin any mercy.If I only had the chance to open a stall I'll be sellin Sun Tan Lotion, Sun Glasses and Ice Cool Lemonade.
Powerboat is a cool way to race well cool way to fly too..hehe..

We arrive at about 9:30 in the morning nothin much happen yet..just couple of powerboats makin their rounds so Sir George and Lady Nana decide to check the whole place out.

Numbers of stalls lining up with variety of items

Lots of other activities happenin at the same time.. Well we came to this...
A Super Bike Club!

a scene from American Bad A$$

New Idea for Julian's Bike

Here's the official Stall for the F2000 PowerBoat Merchandise.

Kids havin fun too..

Gladiator Arena

Let me tell ya.. On that day I've never seen so many of'em DBKK people around in my life..they're just everywhere!!well gonna make sure the city clean always!

DBKK at work

Here's Julian's Best friend..they're everywhere too!

Let's get'em boys

when the clock tick to 1 in the afternoon, we decided to hit the road as the Sun and Spectators are crazy.. well for your complete coverage do visit
FlaneganB Blog
I'm Julian

for the official site here
organizing event site here

Now I'm officially tanned..


Haizum said...

Wah, I missed it. :/

Sir George said...

ala... come back more often next time

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