Perayaan Hari Pengasuh 2007

Last Sunday Sir George and Lady NaNa on a mission again..this time Lady NaNa became the designated Make-up artist for some of the pageant..what pageant?..
Haha..that day was Perayaan Hari Pengasuh or Nanny Day which celebrated here givin appreciation to all Day Care teachers.. which include Cultural wear pageant!

Here's Lady NaNa at work..

That day accommodate about 30 tables each from different Day Care center around the state.

Opening Speech by Datin..

The Simon Cowell

Show goes under way.

you'll see different type of cultural wear.. Kadazandusun,Lotud,Lundayeh,Punjab,Sari and Chinese..
Which in the end won by the local native cultural wear Kadazandusun..
This is actually a brief I need to get ready my Magic the Gathering Deck for the HobbyCon 2007 .. In the end of the day all crowd participated in dance call..poco-poco.. similar to line dancing..

HobbyCon 2007 Here I come..


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