Tales of KK Street lights

While Drivin at night along the Lintas highway,Tanjung Lipat highway even some part along the KK street.I don't know if you notice that,our highways filled with street lamp post ..wow great effort by the government but if only it can be lit.I'm confuse theres so many of'em lamp post but is it for the convenience of the driver drivin' at night or is it just for decorations?. I have difficulty for my vision while drivin at night, if its not because of the car's lights on the street I guess the whole stretch of highway will be in pitch black.Sir George do experience the blackness on the street while drivin at 5 am in the morning, no cars,no house lights and if you lucky you'll get traffic light.Can you imagine what would it be like if it's raining too...

Here's a tale of Bob and Jack,
One fine night, with all the street lamps are down ,Bob and Jack were walkin back home on the opposite side of the traffic flow.This is what happen..

When it getting closer and closer BoB and Jack decide to jump to the left

To a relief they evade correctly to avoid a speeding bike

When it getting closer and closer BoB and Jack decide to jump to the Right

It was actually Julian Speeding

And you know the the rest .....

News Headlines: 2 guys victims of Hit and Run


maslight said...

lol..mas's version

bob & jack: "hey it's julian"

julian: "NOOOOO!!! I'M REMPITMAN!!!" aksi superman

*rofl~ hahahahahahah

Haizum said...


Kelakar juga kau ni SirGeorge.

Sir George said...

maslight> Haha..harap harap Julian baca la ni..

haizum>Ok bah..laughter is the best medicine

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