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*Article Taken from New Sabah Times

Why the delay in completing U-turns on Lintas highway?

23rd November, 2007

A concerned motorist,AWANG of Kota Kinabalu says that the delay by the contractor in completing two U-turns in Lintas,Luyang is posing danger to the motoring public.

“It has been four months yet the two U-turns, one located in front of the City Mall and the other in front of Taman Iramanis,have not been completed,” he said. “Why is it taking so long for the contractor to completed the works there?”

AWANG said that he almost knocked a vehicle from behind,while making a U-turn recently,because the unsealed stretch is slippery.

He said that although red cones have been placed along the side of the the unsealed stretch,it still poses a danger to motorists at night.

“The location of the red cones placed on the side of gravel stretch on the side of gravel stretch is making the lane narrow and motorists are at risk of knocking against other vehicles travelling on the other lane,” he said.

When contacted, a spokesman for the Public Works Department office said that the developer in charge of the road project had applied to the relevant authorities to widen the section.

However,he said,some issues needed to be worked out between the developer and contractor for the project to proceed.

“They have been advised to speed up the construction for both the U-turns,to prevent further inconvenience to the motoring public,’ he said.


*Article Taken from JoJ Punya..
ah...Now you have it..the evidence... they mention on the unsealed highway opposite the City Mall.. but they just ignore the Street lights.. let me tell ya..I was there few nights ago and almost got hit by a car, Sir George was signalling for the right lane and only found out the unsealed road, I'm talkin about one big hole which Sir George tryin to evade, so to my instinct Sir George Press the Brake and swift a Li'l to the left and almost got hit.. If only the street lights are workin this wouldn't had happen..

Word of Cautions for the readers.. there are two big holes in front of City Mall please notice it especially at night!

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