KK Paintball: KK Bloggers Vs Penampang Hoodlums

Last Sunday marks the day that Sir George goin for War!..It's a War between KK Bloggers and Penampang Hoodlums.. Invitation open for all KK Bloggers to show pride goin up against Sabah's Best Penampang Hoodlums.. Rain or shine only the strong will survive....

The Muddy Stage

Gears are ready

Unleash Hell..

I've got the message by ImJulian and I'm takin it like a man.I was wonderin what to wear for the game as it's gonna be messy, and DinZwhatever says, "Dude,pakai tebal sikit".. that's exactly what I did..The paintball stage is located in Kg.Tanaki. For more information about the location and Frequently asked Questions..please refer here at ImJulian:FaQ

Introducing the Team..

Julian Sabah, WeiChuen,Dinoza,SirGeorge,Tim and Radzie Team KK Bloggers


Team Penampang Hoodlums

As you can see the place is rather muddy due to the heavy downpour in the morning and li'l drizzle in the afternoon, Team Penampang Hoodlums consist of 5 members and Team Kk bloggers well actually 6 of us plus another 2 mercenaries, Penampang Hoodlums wanna go against all the KK Bloggers available but only us the brave showed up, at the beginning of the game some briefing goes underway.

How to shoot briefing.

The Teams Gearing up..

Sir George has sign the contract and ready to go..

Tim and SirGeorge


Counter Terrorist wannabe

Our Marker"gun"actually the cheapest among the penampang hoodlums, which theirs range from RM2000 to RM4000,Here's some pictures while Team KK Bloggers vs Team Penampang Hoodlums in action.

Fire In the Hole..err..Man in the hole?

Team KK Bloggers always ask how many did we kill during the end of each round and the marshal will normally says none and if you lucky they'll say 1 or 2 , which in our case most of the time none... but I'm pretty sure we get'em imagine 8 vs 5 none killed .. you gotta be kiddin me.. KK Bloggers did get 1 or 2 of'em in some rounds..but the most frustrating part is that.. when you're about to open fire on a locked target.. your marker runs out of bullets..I'm aware that each of us allow to carry 100 bullets so decided to conserve it..

After War

but here's the most frustrating part KK Bloggers always ran out of CO2 gas(Uses Gas to ignite your marker for shooting purposes)..yup that means although you still got'em bullets but you can't shoot because you ran out of gas..Penampang Hoodlums never had this problem , you can't ran out of gas with a RM4000 markers right?

Thumbs up for KK paintball

Anyway we KK Bloggers had fun on that day, and we do encourage anyone out there to try this out .. So cool and addictive, Please do visit Life of the Borneo Lady and ImJulian for full coverage of the event.In the end we KK Bloggers wanna say this...

That's Right No Pain, No Gain..You dare take the Challenge?..


mr-penman said...

I want to join oso...


Haizum said...

Waaah hebat hebat!!! :D

Pirut said...

nice. hope can play this soon.. hehe.

maslight said...

wuah..licak oh

Sir George said...

mr-penman> haha..dont miss the next game..come come ..must get some frags

haizum>yaya..next time ko datang la ambil gambar kami kena timbak..

pirut>come..you'll welcome to play..hopefully next blooger bout..cukup urang

maslight>muddy..kan....sigh* tapi best ..

jianbing said...

when is the next meeting? I want join :D

Sir George said...

Hi JianBing..not to sure when is the next blogger paintball meet but will inform you and everyone when the time comes.

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