Royal China Bridal Fair part 2

What would have been if it's without the models, we're not talkin about ordinary models infact we're surrounded by well known models such as Miss Sabah 2003, 2006, 2007,Unduk Ngadau 2006, Man hunt 2004 and other titles as well.

Backstage Progress.

Lady Nana and crew from Shine Image takin care of business with their powder and brushes.Working with the models not as intense as workin with the kids, Models doesn't move as much as the kids that's why, infact Models are very understanding and really trust the make-up artists.Thumbs up for these professional Models.

Shine Image Crews

Here's some shots on Lady Nana and her make-up touch with Vanessa,


Vanessa with Lady Nana

Lady Nana In-charge of the Male Models as well

Workin with Donald, Man Hunt 2004

Male Models

As the Backstage preparation underway,crowds are fillin up the floor which include reporters and journalist from big name company..Including JoJ Punya hehe..

Busy Bee Hive

After Shine Image Crew all set with the make up the Models came up and give us a few poses,

Light, Camera and Pose!

Miss Sabah 2007,Miss Madelyne M. Nandu is here as one of the models too(the one in yellow) as our sifu blogger Im Julian would recall for Miss Sabah 2007.Madelyn also the Unduk Ngadau 2005.

Emily,Debbie and Miss Sabah 2007,Madelyn

Can you believe this apparently Sharon,Miss Sabah 2003 and Sharlene,Miss Sabah 2006 are Sisters!!

Sharon and Sharlene Liew the Miss Sabah Sisters

Shows goes under way, Each Models will have 3 sets of attire first is the Evening Gown follow by 2 Bridal attire.

Evening Attire shows some Color

The Bridal attire,I have to say that Models with Bridal Gown look really stunning!

Nik with Debbie

Vanessa with her Bridal Gown

Donald with Vanessa

Miss Sabah,Sharon with her bridal gown

Final cat walk

Royal China Bridal Fair is a success!

I guess Being a Model you gotta get use to Camera Flashes! because all the Cameras went Beserk.

Thank you everyone and we love JoJ Punya..hehe

After all that, you can't imagine how exhausted my eyes really was.


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Ihiii sioknya main mekap mekaaaap!!

Sir George said...

haha..ya ba..kalau sia..make up clown la sia pandai..ko mau try?

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