Royal China Bridal Fair part 1

Week ago Lady Nana was given a mission to be the make-up artist for the models(yup models no more kids haha..) in Tai Thong Royal China Bridal Fair.

As for Sir George as always a Blogger!.

This is for the first time Tai Thong organize a Bridal Fair for what it is famous for is Dim Sum, lookin at the space that they have it is a good idea to capture the wedding market.

I would say that for any couple lookin for a traditional Chinese type of wedding look no further because this is the place! Dunno where Tai Thong is?

Here Sir George also include some package deal for the menu Tai Thong Royal China Restaurant is offering.

Lookin at the price range Sir George would say that it is affordable and value for money.Wanna know more on the Menu package please click the Image below

Royal China Restaurant can hold up to 60 tables which mean 600 guests.And to add it has a perfect wide area for parking.

Wow..Free Corkage, Alcohol anyone and they also include a free emcee for the package.I've never come across any restaurants or hotels that provide emcee for your wedding.For more details click below.

Here's how the 5-tier Dummy cake look like, nice color and added roses as a finishing touch!

As for the VIP table, it's filled with great decorations and great cutlery setup.

This event also participated by Hong Niang Wedding Consultant and Planner, Simply Chocolate and IE Marketing

Lots to Choose from

Hong Niang Wedding Consultant and Planner Section

IE Marketing

Simply Chocolate

This event filled with red Color which associate to the Traditional Chinese Wedding.For Sneak preview on Royal China Bridal Fair part2.

End of Royal China Bridal Fair part 1


mr-penman said...

WAH!!! Liang Moi SPOTTED!!!

PART 2!!! PART 2!!!

Lady Nana said...

That Liang Moi is Miss Sabah 2006!!!
Feast your eyes for Part 2!!

maslight said...

omg the cake! punya cun!

Pirut said...

graciass... beauty and cute. Great capture george!

Sir George said...

Maslight>best kan Cake diorang..tapi dummy saja ah..

Pirut>Thanx man, dropby your blogs and wahhh...banyak la..hehe

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