Beijing Duck

Courtesy of What the Duck

Just Had Beijing Duck earlier,Beijing Duck is a famous duck dish from Beijing that has been prepared since the Yuan Dynasty, now considered one of China's national foods.But I don't care la Yuan Dynasty,Ying Dynasty ka or Tang Dynasty yang penting Sedap!! The taste that counts
The dish is prized for the thin, crispy skin with authentic versions of the dish serving mostly the skin and little meat, sliced in front of the diners by the cook.The meat is eaten with pancakes, spring onions and plum sauce.Here's how you do it..

Step 1-Order Beijing Duck

Step 2-Taste the soup

Step 3-Ready the Pancake

Step 4-Spread Plum Sauce allover Pan cake

Step 5 -Add Spring Onion and Duck Meat

Step 6-Roll'em up

Step 7-Eat It!!

For those of you wanna get something feelin and royal for your Hungry Tummy I would suggest this I'll give it 4/5.

It's located at Tg Aru by the name of King Hu Restaurant RM28 for half a Duck and RM56 for the Whole Duck..Go try it!..

Going off again for work in Sandakan, Anyway why is it always rain whenever I wash my car? Start my workout schedule again hopefully time is on my side this time.Busy playin Front Mission the first on my DS.Still Dunno the secret passageway to hogwarts. Go Manchester United!


mr-penman said...

I think I've been there... many years ago.


Sir George said...

A-Ha!! time to revisit again mr-penman they lookin for you

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