Harry Potter's Hogwarts Phone Booth in Tawau?

Who would have thought that Hogwarts really exist? All this while we've seen the scene where Harry go through the wall in the train station to reach Hogwarts.

Platform 9 3/4 does that reminds you anything?..Yup is the famous Gateway one way ticket to Hogwarts.

Would you believe me when I say that this gateway exist in Tawau? Infact it located in Tawau Airport.

Whenever any wizards from Hogwarts in need for makin calls, here's the place

Look at it, It has nothing ..that's right nothing just a sign above it pointing with a phone.Just a brick wall similar to the Platform 9 3/4.Wow I got so excited!

When I was waiting to board my plane I was anticipatin to meet Harry Potter and the gang but no one shows up..oh well..When I was about to board the plane this happen..

Let me tell ya..I try my very best to pick up the phone.. but fail..I got so frustrated and just leave the phone and board the plane.sigh*

Does anyone actually know how to go through that wall.. do you need a Special Password or somethin please let me know..

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mr-penman said...

... -_-"

Haizum said...


If you uncover the secret of the invisible phonebooth, please let us know.

Sir George said...

mr-penman> Hehe..just feel weird coz there's no phone around bah

Haizum>I wish i know how to uncover haha..sia bukan wizard dari hogwarts ba

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