Mongolian Chicken Rice

Today I wanna Introduce to you a dish which can be consider unique and feeling to your belly. But first let me say that it's non-Halal. If you happen to be in Tawau and feelin hungry in the afternoon take a cab and go to the heart of the city. Tell the Cabbie " Itu Nasi Ayam Mongolia" that Mongolian Chicken Rice. Most of the Cabbies know where it is imagine the popularity! but if happen the cabbie dunno where it is you can always say "Electrolux!" because that particular shop just right opposite.

Mongolian Chicken Rice is a combination of Chicken, Chinese Sausage Lap Cheong,Chicken Sausage,Sambal Anchovies, Mushroom and Cucumber top up with special sauce.They even Serve you a Special Chicken feet and Beans Soup which is I find tasty.This Particular Dish Ranges RM 4 to RM 5 .

It has this taste like sweet and sour plus mild spice at the same time. I'll give a 4 out 5 rating.

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mr-penman said...

looks yummy!


Haizum said...

Uhu Tawau banyak makanan best wooh!

Sir George said...

mr-penman>It's quite tasty actually, you should give it atry whenever you're in Tawau.

haizum>Yup banyak makanan best in tawau.Ingat makan saja

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