Kiddie World Mini Concert 2007

Once again Lady Nana appointed as the Make-up Artist for this event which is similar to the one before Tadika YukYu Penampang , This event is for Kiddie World Mini Concert and Graduation.Beware lots of PiX ahead..

Well like the last time expect lots of Presents, Lots of Kids and that means Lots of Noises..

In this event Lady Nana's Cousin Ashley Dusing happen to study in this particular school.

Here's some Pix taken while Lady Nana at work.

After a while in the dressing room, the noise level keepin up and turn around ...

Time to officially open the event, started off with the National anthem(Negaraku)

The Graduation Ceremony which Officiate by the Guest of Honor, President of Kindergarten Sabah Pn. Anne Lasimbang

A Rockin Opening Act

Followed by a Japanese Song

Ashley Dusing Doin her "Hips Don't Lie"

Follow up by the Indian Dancers

I bet Now by lookin at all the pics, you thinkin about what did you perform during your Kindergarten Era right?

Meet My homey!

Some of the pix taken rather blur therefor I need to Edit and make it look presentable la.. But just you wait until I get my Big Camera that able to timbak(shoot) the Moon!


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