Introducing Dudester and Christmas Shopping!

First Sir George would like to apologize for the delay in updating JoJ Punya Blog.. Reason is because I was down with a Fever yesterday and in fact it persist to today.. and really hope that it will go soon..cough*cough*

This is Dudester

Anyway, Last weekend was one of the tiring day .. which Sir George and Lady Nana had to accomplish some heavy tasks.Shopping!.. not just an ordinary shopping ..yup you guessed it!.. Christmas Shopping.. This year Sir George had to get a total of 36 Christmas Presents..36!

Heavy task has been assign for him.

Family is expanding every year therefor Budget need to expand at the same time..sigh.. I know Finance is the bad part but I just love the Good Part ..Imagine on Christmas Eve everyone gather around a giant Christmas Tree , waitin for their name to be call and give thanX to everyone.. priceless.. I always love Christmas Spirit..

Takin care of something valuable

We spend most of the time shopping at Center Point and Warisan Square .. we normally would finish the shopping task in a day but unfortunately, We just cant take it.. 36 presents appear to be a heavy task .. in the end we end up with 29 Christmas presents and will continue the remaining 7 this weekend..phew~~

Guarding the 29 Christmas Presents

well like always.. no presents to be reveal and all kept in good hands of the Dudester untill Christmas.. what about you guys? started your Christmas Shopping yet?

Manchester United Lost to Bolton?? what the??, Indian Rally in KL is a disgrace for the country, I've never imagine a rally to be held in Malaysia, keep'em away..Feelin really sick right now?..Sabah player won the Magic the Gathering Pro Tour Qualifier in Kuching ,Sarawak well done..Clock is ticking .. 2007 almost end..


maslight said...

wuah 36 presents?! gila punya men banyak!

Sir George said...

ya bah.. tapi siok la..rasa macam Santa Claus ..haha

mr-penman said...

Sir George KoKo... Merry Christmas to you...


/stretch out both hands for presents...


Haizum said...

Punya banyaaaaakk!!! Mesti siok shopping tu kaaaan? :D

Aku suka si Dudester. I think he cuuute. :D

Deanna said...

I hope you're feeling better soon!

Sounds like you did great making a dent in your shopping list. And only 7 gifts left to buy? Not bad! Dudester looks to be doing a great job guarding your stash too. :)

Personally, I'm one of those last minute shoppers. I tend to work better under the pressure of a deadline. lol Or, maybe I'm just a procrastinator? :)

Nicholas said...

Sabah Player Won PTQ KL in Kuching !!

Here we come KL !!

BTW can I borrow Dudester someday?? I also got something for him to guard ahahaha

Sir George said...

mr-penman>pen-pen!.. you want present?come come...haha..*sir george unleash dudester and point to mr-penman

haizum>Ya recently dudester banyak peminat ni..haha..present banyak tapi budget sikit....sedihnay.. kalau tidak semua kamu pun dapat present

deanna>Thanx really appreciate for those wishes,Dudester doin well protectin the stash haha..hmm.. in some cases i work better last minute but this.. just need the timing opportunity to my hands on discounted items haha..

nicholas>Great to hear that sabahan qualify for the pro tour!.. haha.. you can get dudester after christmas duty..

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