Tadika Yuk Yu Penampang 20th Celebration

Last Week Sir George and Lady NaNa make their way to KDCA..


Nope not Ka'amatan or they call it Harvest..

Harvest Time..not.

But for Tadika Yuk Yu Penampang 20th Celebration.Both of us have nothing to do with this school, it's not our Alumni.But Lady Nana receive a mission to be one of the make up artist on that day.For your info, Lady Nana gonna be a Professional Make-up Artist next year.It is an event for Kindergarten Students to perform as the last day of the year, sort of like a graduation day..Think Back... you've been there too..

The Backdrop

They've got Diamond Restaurant as the caterer for about 70 tables.

70 over Tables

What do you get when you put 200 plus Kids in one place?...Chaos!!

The Most Noisy place ...period..

despite the Chaotic situation .. I manage to make some new Friends.

Peace Yo!

well it reminds me of something when they call me "Unker!Unker!!" instead of "Koko!Koko!!" -__-"

Remember..Cip-Cip-Cip, Pom-Pom-Pom, Mama-Papa,Kuli-Kuli,CHOOSE!!

Bring back your memory?

Make-Up time!!

Professional Make-up Artist In-Action

Final Touch~~

Post Make-Up!..and ready to roll


We Didn't stay for the performance to commences but we do know how excited they really are!

This event by far closest to a Rock Concert!..Because my ears hurt so much..Thanx to those 200 plus kids Audio System..

Just finish Luminous Arc on the Nintendo DS, thinkin about the Halo happenin yesterday in KK, It's just so awesome..i'm thrill!. Finish watchin Secrets DVD by Jay Chou..it's quite good for a young director himself..I'll give it a 4/5.


Lady Nana said...

Yup that was FUN!!da xiao mei mei & xiao ti ti were very naughty & LOUD!!but it was ok to work with them.

d1n0za said...

You and Nana are good with kids! ahem ahem...

Sir George said...

Ya la tu...

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