Malaysian Culture

Is very hard for me to say this but,Malaysian Culture really in need to step up and improve.. Ever come across to a sign says "Dilarang Buang Sampah Di Sini" *Do not litter Here and in reality that place full of rubbish.
Or even "Dilarang Memancing" *No Fishing but you'll see lots of people still fish.What's going on? why don't these people understand?
And Now this,

It clearly says Do Not park Your Bike Here.. but...

I guess.. Malaysian Tak apa *Nevermind attitude works everywhere..please Malaysian don't embarrass our Culture..


mr-penman said...

are those yellow parking lines for the "cycgoo" on the ground?

talking abt MY culture... recently my fren met a car accident, and he was emitted to University Hospital. He was bleeding for 1 hour unattended, every time he complained bleeding, they wrap his legs...

wrap until suddenly they put paper on his wounds... my fren was puzzled, and they explain:"We ran out of bandages."


Sir George said...

Those yellow line is for emergency spaces.. for handicapped patients not for bikes..but they hentam only la..

What!!!... OMG.. that absurd man.. Paper cant replace Bandage.. they are just two different substance..should complain to newspaper liao..
Cant believe this

Haizum said...


Oh man. You should have waited until one of those people actually go to their bikes then take picture man. Atau you tap them on the shoulder and say "Bos, lain kali baca betul-betul". Tapi kali ada jugalah kena tumbuk kan?

LeeHng said...

Bikers revenge on cars who park on bikers parking in KK!!!

kekekek nolah... not rite oso bah, kasian the handicapped people.

Sir George said...

haizum>uih dangerous juga tu..nanti Leehng yang naik to moto ..then hitam la mata sia..haha

Leehng>ya..true confession from a biker..respect man!

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