Nokia celebrating it's Success with ..

For Handphone I can tell you that my choice will be Nokia simply because of its high durability, User friendly especially the SMS function and so many spare parts to choose from..Pimp my Nokia..hehe..not this time..
but today Sir George would like to share with you the current successes of Nokia in the market, Nokia would like to announce new HandPhone right here at JoJ Punya and a Opportunity for JoJ Punya readers to get a Super Offer,

Hold the Nokia N95 as you would hold a digital camera. The main camera captures images at 2592 x 1944 px, a 5 Mega-pixel quality picture! The smaller camera located on the front of the Nokia N95 mobile phone, is a lower resolution camera and used for video calls (Please note that your wireless vendor may not support the video calling feature). Both cameras save the image as a .jpeg and both can capture video.

The Nokia 7710 widescreen multimedia smartphone keeps you organized, entertained, and in the know. It responds to your touch. It lets you choose how you serve up your media from video to blog to MP3. In other words, it's built for your world.

Offering a Super Deal to all JoJ Punya Readers a NOKIA 3G MOBILE PHONE WITH camera ONLY RM800/- ( Normal Price RM1, 700/-)..see below

Hurry Grab this offer now while stock last!!


maslight said...

hahhahaha men rusak! XD

Sir George said...

hahaha..sia pun ketawa berabis ni..

mr-penman said...

functionality, Nokia would be 1 of the leading~lah (not the best, but 1 of the tops 1).

However, as for durability... since 8810? (the 1 b4 the butterfly1) til the symbians' models onwards, not lasting any more for my experience.

very easily spoiled... hardware+software...


Haizum said...

I agree with Mr Penman.

But I wouldn't mind trying that old skool camera out.

PS: I tagged you by the way. :D

Sir George said...

mr-penman>haha...yaya agree..old skool phone ROX!! new phone ehh..senang spoil mau servis la,upgrade la..sigh unreliable langsung

Haizum>I know i got tagged ...gimme time hehe

LeeHng said...

ni macam dari email nih? XD

camera guna filem kah? XD

Sir George said...

yup i got it from email that's why i wanna share..because sia ketawa berabis already

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