Survivor: China Season 15!!!

I can't believe this it's Season 15 now!! still remembered the first Survivor which happens in our Pulau Tiga...

Suvivor Borneo

Here's to show you exactly where is Pulau Tiga

Still dunno where it is..scroll down..

The Fact is Season 15!! 14 Survivors already!, I mean i've not follow the entire Seasons but next thing i know.. wow.. 15!!This Season shows lots of cool landscape because it's located in china, Apparently China realized it could do some PR in advance of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing and pocket a few sweet television dollars.

Survivor China

Here's the Cast members in this season:

Who Will Survive!

Teams are divided into two tribes (Zhan Hu a.ka.Fighting Tiger) and (Fei Long a.k.a Flying Dragon)

Tiger Vs Dragon

Zhan Hu (Fighting Tiger)/Yellow tribe:
Dave Cruser, 37, Simi Valley, /actor
Jaimie Dugan, 22, Columbia, SC, college student
Erik Huffman, 26, Nashville, Tenn., /actor
Peih-Gee Law, 29, Marina Del Rey, /actor
Sherea Lloyd, 26, Atlanta, fourth-grade teacher
Ashley Massaro, 28, East Northport, N.Y., pro wrestler
Steve “Chicken” Morris, 48, Marion, Va., chicken farmer
Michael “Frosti” Zernow, 20, Chicago, parcour expert

Fei Long (Flying Dragon)/Red tribe:
Jean-Robert Bellande, 36, Las Vegas, poker player
James Clement, 30, Lafayette, La., grave digger
Todd Herzog, 22, Pleasant Grove, Utah, flight attendant
Amanda Kimmel, 23, Kalispell, Mont., tour guide
Denise Martin, 40, Douglas, Mass., cafeteria worker
Leslie Nease, 38, Tega Cay, S.C., Christian-radio host
Aaron Reisberger, 32, Venice, /actor
Courtney Yates, 26, New York City, /actor

Here's the Reason why i'm hooked to Survivor China, haha ..Ashley of the WWE Diva is in the show ,she's one of the outcast. Just wanna find out how tough she is out side the Ring.

Growing up in Long Island, New York, with a father, brother and uncle who competed in amateur wresting, Ashley Massaro was well-prepared to make it in the World Wresting Entertainment. A former gymnast, she competed in Miss Hawaiian Tropic pageants and was crowned Miss Hawaiian Tropic USA in 2002 and Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada in 2005. She currently works as a model and a professional wrestler with the WWE. She came to the WWE as a contestant in the 2005 RAW Diva Search. After beating out seven other finalists, she received a one-year contract with the World Wrestling Entertainment.

Ok here's the thing, how could any one name their kids Chicken..yup you heard me Chicken!

Home Town:
Marion, VA
Chicken Farmer
born in Marion, Virginia, and grew up on a commercial farm, where he has worked with poultry since he was 13 years old. That's not how you name Your kid Chicken.. I mean I just finds it funny man.. Imagine in the School People Challengin you like..

Man: What!? are you Chicken!
Chicken : Yup ..that's me!
Man : ???

I Dunno man.. It just funny when i watch the first episode and this happen:

During the Tribal Council after the Zhan Hu Lost,
The Host: That's three votes Chicken, two votes Ashley and one vote P.G
The Host:First Person voted out of Survivor China...Chicken!
Chicken: DAMN!!!

Not funny enough? watch this:

Funny Ain't It..

Been so busy getting thru with Luminous Arc,FIFA08 and Drawn to life of the Nintendo DS lately,Dunno Which one to finish first..sigh..because i wanna concentrate Zelda:phantom Hourglass!!
Going to Kl this comin Monday for 2 days and will start Shooting for a short movie in KK after comin back from KL , still Can't get a suitable Female Actress.


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