The Sun Phenomenon

I know there's gonna be alot of blogger gonna post this .. But I'm just thrill and decide to post my own version .. would Love to see the others too.. here we go.. A Sun Phenomenon

Spotted on the Car

People ask .. what exactly is that?.. Hmmm.. as for me it looks like a Rainbow but certainly not an eclipse or even some people call supernatural dragon or you know what I mean.

Sun shows color

Edited Version

another edited version

Here's the Finale...
A-Double Layered Sonic Boom!

Double Sonic Boom

I apologize if it does blurred your vision a lil' bit due to the number of suns for this post.But If you guys really know what story behind this .. please do share..


Haizum said...

My sister got a call from her best friend in KK telling us about the ring around the sun yesterday. We ran out to see if we could see it ere, but no, we didn't. 0_o My sister explained what it was, but for the life of me, I have no idea what she was saying.

Sir George said...

I've got shock myself too.. i've never seen anything like it.. can't really stares at it too long..but really fascinated by it.. just consider lucky to have seen 'em

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