Hyatt Punya Chinese Restaurant

Couple of days ago..Sir George Receive a Golden Ticket From Hyatt..not really a ticket la..just a Membership card haha..It helps to give discount for whatever you eat in within Hyatt and also
some other participatin outlet outside.

Not a Credit Card..

Well .. Sir George just figure that maybe it's time to put it to work!.. And decided to try on the Hyatt punya Chinese Restaurant. This particular restaurant normally serves Dim Sum in the morning and Chinese style Cooking in the evening.

No Idea What the Chinese Wording Says.

And here's what we havin'....
Water Melon Juice

Tembikai Juice

Lady Nana had Hot and Sour Szechuan Soup..

Ini sedap..sluurrp. 4/5

I'm havin Fish Maw soup.

This one pun not bad.3.5/5

Then, The Scallop Mushroom with Spinach

Ini..hmmm.. 2/5

I Like this one, Spring Onion and Ginger Ostrich


And Lastly Chilli X.O Fish Slice

this one 2/5

Two Person diner .. So these menus just enough for us .

Overall satisfaction according to Lady NaNa..

I would say, Go for the morning session Hyatt punya Chinese Restaurant, trust me the Dim Sums taste better.


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