Manners in the Plane

Just landed from Sandakan two days ago for work and I wanna share something that reminds everyone as a passenger boarding an airplane.My type of work involves alot in travelling and trust me very little time you'll get a peaceful in-flight environment.For Example,

1)Baby Cryin'
2)Passenger in front of you Lay down the seat while you're eating.
3)Group of Passengers Talkin in a Max Volume
4)Snorrin Passengers

and the list goes on..For me I don't really care about all those loud noises from baby or even Adults, simply because My Nintendo DS Keep me Company.. Plug-in Earphone and all those noises GONE!! I'm Consider myself a well-tolerated passengers..but

If there's Something I Can't Stand...

Is a passenger who doesn't know what manners is. That Day a Big Uncle sat next to me(I normally take the window) did everything I could possible don't wanna imagine.
1)Takin over one of my Arm rest
2)Turbo-Boost Snorin
3)Bad Body Odor
4)Dragon Breath

Sigh* Thank goodness flight duration took 45 minutes only.The Best has yet to come.. After the Captain order cabin crew to open the door.. at this time most of the passengers will stand up and open the Cabin luggage to get their belongings including the Big Uncle.
So..While everyone lining up waiting for their turn to get-off plane Guess What Happen?.. The Big Uncle unleash a BIG FART! in the middle of the Queue Line!I've got so disgusted and Luckily i choose to sit back and wait for everyone to get-off and i'll follow the last queue..

Enough of that Let me Introduce you to a place for Dim Sum in Sandakan, As we all know there's alot of great food in Sandakan.

Hotel Malaysia's Dim Sum

It's located next to Hotel Malaysia right in the heart of town.Sorry I forgot to take a shot on the restaurant.There's one Particular Dim sum which is my favorite ..Red Pai Kut..or Red Pork Ribs.. I hope i got it right.

Red Pai Kut

I ordered 3 Dim Sums and 1 Ice Lemon Tea, Total Bill Comes to me

RM6 (RM 1.50 for each item)

What do you think? Cheap? Affordable? I Think so ,It's a great place for breakfast.I'll remember to take a shot at the Restaurant on my next trip.


mr-penman said...


I know how u felt, Sir George... I had similar experience.

maslight said...

O.O omg~

things i couldn't "tahan"..

are mostly the ones listed but dat farting part obnoxious!

anyways, from my experience in flight *sigh, this uncle sit behind me, keep pushing or pulling my seat somehow. i dunno maybe he inda muat kot..till i got headache @_@ major wooziness..

anyways, yeah the dim sum is cheap oh..too bad, pork~ i no eat no pork XD

Sir George said...

ha .. ha... hate those people eh? mr-penman.

Sir George said...

Maslight> I kinda hesitate to post the pork dim sum actually .. i really hope not to offend any of my readers.. but decided to do it .. kita can multi racial and multi cultural haha.. the beauty of Malaysia bah!..I guess the Uncle sit behind you too besar la tu.. sigh* susah..susah..susah..

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