Foot Prints* Evolution

Evolution Happens Everyday!

One Day, BoB and JacK ,Two so-called Hunters goin for huntin in the woods and suddenly come to a halt,
to identify what track they lookin at,

BoB : Look JacK!.. a track!
JacK: Hmmm.. It looks like a chicken track.

BoB : No Jack! it looks like Fox track to me!
JacK: No BoB, I'm pretty sure that's a Chicken track.

BoB : Na-ah, Fox Track!
JacK: Chicken Track!

All of a sudden both of them got hit by a train.

Funny? Ha ha.. some joke inspires me when I look at this picture,
Sir George Calls it "Foot Prints"

"Foot Prints"

It really reminds me of Evolution..What Future evolution in stores for us?

Just got back from Sandakan, so many happening this Sunday tough choice to make.Uncle Lim Goh Tong Rest in Peace.. Savin money now for a trip which will reveal later haha..


maslight said...

those aren't foot..those are selipar XD

Sir George said...

hehe...yup to put it in better words..Selipar Jepun..haha

Nicholas said...

Ermmm Boss, ut hari Ahad punya tournament telah di-awalkan ke hari Sabtu jam 2pm.

Do take note and may the Planeswalkers guide you in your Sealed Deck >=D

Sir George said...

got it thanks

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