Lorwyn Release Party Kota Kinabalu 2007

After the Lorywn Release party i feel so out of touch!.. Infact this is my first proper Magic the Gathering tournament since the National game 2006. Some part of me just tellin me that i should pass my torch to the next generation on the other hand some part of me just feels the same way from the first day I play Magic.Magic the Gathering is a very unique game that has great environment, as I was following the early days of Magic I've met so many competitors which became my good friends now.

Nick and Vasu

I started Magic the Gathering 10 over years ago during high-school and started actively ever since and end-up to be a Malaysia's National Player, from there I also graduated in DCI to be a judge for Magic Tournament.Years pass after that Commitment kicks in, Works need my attention and I release my pedal slowly for Magic. There's one point that Magic community is gone from Sabah's Surface which me leaves no choice but to travel around and play Magic.I got so frustrated that there's no place to practice in Sabah.Until Mindslaver invade Sabah and openin up a whole new Community of Magic.

Mindslaver announce the Lorwyn release party.
Lorwyn Release Party: Sunday October 27 2007
Venue:Mindslavers Asia City
Time: 2:00 pm
Format: Lorwyn Sealed Deck
Entry fee: RM65 includes 1 tournament pack, 2 booster pack

So I thought of givin' a shot. I always like Release party it's not like a Grand Prix,Pro Tour or National Tourney which requires Max Loads of Concentration which leads you to Stress.In release party it's absolute FuN! Imagine a set Never-Seen 301 Random-inserted cards which will then gives you a Tournament Pack (75 cards) plus 2 Booster packs(15 cards each) from there you'll be given 45 minutes to construct a deck of Minimum 40 cards.

Tournament and Booster pack


Lorwyn Release Party Card

Surprisingly I've met some couple of good friends back from the early days but most of the players are total stranger to me. A good friend of mine Julian also a blogger from 81lions.blogspot is Back!

I'm back!

He so got use to the Constructed format(which normally plays with minimum 60 cards deck) and forgotten that release party allow you to construct a min 40 cards deck. And Shockingly win few rounds.How did you do it Julian?

I win with 60 cards

Then decided to reconstruct the deck to 40 cards.I didn't do very well in this party i went 2 wins and 2 loses.

rebuilding ..

Julian's BomB! card

Kithkin horde

Apparently there are 14 players in total participatin in this event.Sir George constructed a Black and White Kithkin-Goblin Winnie Beatdown as that's all I can think of as luck of opening a Bomb! card(high rated) or planeswalker is not with me..sigh* what am i gotta do?

Master Yoda?

Game 1
Facing a new-gen player equip with a planeswalker! Chandra! but thankfully my kithkin able to pull off fast enough to take the Game 1.


I win
Game 2
against also a new-gen player he drop a second turn Dolmen Gate and his Giants basically eat Kithkin.

Crazy gate

I lose
Game 3
I Guess my horde of Kithkin just feelin Hungry in game 3

bring'em out!

I win
Game 4
Pilgrim likes to burn some Kithkin asses


I lose

Nick with his planeswalker

So in the end of the Tournament Sir George Stands Number 7 , I just got this thing with no.7 hmmm...Another question is will this Rusty Sir George able to take on the New-Gens?


Haizum said...

My brother tried to teach me to play once, so he'd have someone to play with.

It didn't work. -_- I couldn't grasp one single concept of how the game was played. *chuckle*

I remember people used to play this card game in Wawasan Plaza. Or was that another game? 0_0

maslight said...

@_@ i'm still confused with all these stuff..rob explained to me every now and then but mas is clueless XD

Nicholas said...

Pass the Torch???

I think it's still too early to do that man... XD

Bah cubalah nasib in the next expansions... kalau masih kalah teruk barulah pass tu api =P

Actually I didn't do much better than Sir JoJ here either. 14 players, I got no. 13 (¬_¬)"

Guess will have to try harder and practise more if we're ever going to stand a chance in the Kuching PTQ next month...

Sir George said...

Haizum> you're right Magic the gathering use to rule Wawasan Plaza ..haha.. you're brother need a practice partner and makin you the best candidate? That's one of the easiest way to practice I do practice with my bro alot..I guess you need to understand each of the Magic colors first before decide to play.. this way it makes you easier to understand the game base on your character fit to the Magic Color.

Maslight>Clueless? haha... I dont blame you.. It needs alot of imgination to start with . then from there you need to know what interest you .. is it the creature,spell and so forth.Like for example if you're a person that like Dragons and hate to wait..then Red Magic is definitely for you.

Nicholas>Dude.. really salute your spirit la.. you're right we're not givin up so easily we need to show'em what respect really means..haha.. but how to practice la dude.. we need the kaki and timing la..

yunnor said...

Hi there,

I just manage to find this site and realise that MTG is still on in KK.

Hope you guys still remember me especially George.

How is everything? I am in UK for the past decade now.

Please get back to me ASAP... ok

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