100 Nintendo DS Juice

I'm goin outstation for work these few upcomin days at the mean time i've got somethin for JoJ Punya readers .. Behold the 100 Nintendo DS collection.Now i'm gonna play a "Spot the difference" game ..Ready?

Can you Spot the Difference?

State the number of Differences in the comment Box.

Goin to Tawau for few days that mean not gonna update the blog until then..please forgive me..sob*sob* Miss the 2nd Blogger Meet due to some things that need my attention. Manchester United Lookin Hot at the moment!.Till then Have a nice Day!


Haizum said...

Wah. Kira mau main, but its half past 3 am, and I'm using up all my brain juice for my assignments. -_- Nantila main ya. =P

mr-penman said...

WAH!!! great collection u got there.


Sir George said...

Haizum>haha... Dont force yourself la, Just wanna make up the time bah while im away hehe

mr-penman>Lot of money gone oh sob*sob*

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