Ancient warrior spotted in Damai!

When I was havin Lunch in Damai, i turn around...Wham! there it is an unusual artifact..

Ancient Warrior

The Greek god Apollo is the god of medicine, music, archery, prophecy, and light; Odysseus and other mythological figures are often depicted with a bow.

The early Romans had very few archers, if any. As their empire grew, they recruited auxiliary archers from other nations. By the 300s, archers with powerful composite bows were a regular part of Roman armies throughout the empire. After the fall of the western empire, the Romans came under severe pressure from the highly skilled horse archers belonging to the Hun invaders, and later Eastern Roman armies relied heavily on mounted archery
courtesy of Wikipedia

Tembak tu Burung

I don't really care about the history of this artifact.. but the reason i post this is because .....he's goin to war..Naked!..haha.. Imagine go to war with the bow and arrows only, no pants and armor.. Enemy will halt for a while...then Declare " Tembak tu Burung!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"...."Shoot the Birdie "in english...


Nana said...

Yeah Joj...Tembak tu burung!!!

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