Windows Viscat

So I didn't know Microsoft launching a new Windows.Well i get to view it first hand...amazingly it's been given a unique name wanna hear it?..It's called Windows Viscat. Apparently now Microsoft introducing a new features which will accompany your mouse that you always clickin with.What's the new feature you ask?well take a look..

Now comes with a Cat while stock last..

Get yourself a new Windows Viscat, to Order please call 1-800-88-MEOW


Haizum said...

Punya scary tu. First time aku tengok kembang juga bulu la. Skali tengok kucing pula he he.

Sir George said...

haha...sama la sia pun

maslight said...


blum i read desc terus tinguk gambar...i lol so hard XD

so funny...bulih kluar ka tu kucing..macam sempit oh the window for the cat hahahah so funny XD

Sir George said...

Ko ketawa...haha..sia tekajut ada la.. apparently the cat climb to the wimdow itself and i'm sure the cat knows how to relax... and i hope the cat knows how to get out.

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