Anime Secret Exposed!

Last Week as Sir George walk into Watson's, i've discovered something interesting for anyone that wanted to do somethin to their hair, not for treatment,not for styling but for coloring.I was a bit shocked when I come to this Secret Lair and walk a bit further and there it was a shelf label as "Anime Secrets".Imagine all that colorful hair that your fav anime character posess and you totally adore, now with price range of RM20 to RM25 you can have that too.It's just perfect for anime lover or even cosplayer.The secrets of Anime Revealed!!!

Anime character Hair secret.

Gatsby well known for Hair Product normally for styling example would be their Hair Gel,Hair Wax,Hair Spray,Hair name it ...they got it ..
Today's post is about Hair Coloring which use by those Anime Characters.

Pictures taken from Gatsby

Here's the secret on how to make the transformation, alot of stage to follow and alot effort to level up..hmmm.. not easy being a Anime character eh...

Level Up

When you Levelling up..................
You Can Be Dante from Devil May Cry..

Thank you Gatsby

You Can Be Kurosaki Ichigo from Bleach..


You Can Be Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII sponsored by Gatsby

or the future Hokage from Hidden Leaf Village Naruto

Naruto-Kun : I love Ramen and Gatsby

But I've got Something of my own..Wanna go for DragonBall Cosplay Party? All you gotta do is, Get This ....same as Naruto


Witnesssss the tranformation.......

Super Saiyan means Super Blonde

Woooohooo..Let's go DragonBall Cosplay Party!!!

DragonBall Party

Caution for the high School Reader please do not touch these Secret items, If you do maybe for function or anything,please color-it black one day before school got it?


d1n0za said...

Bah, what are you waiting for??? Go for it george!

Sir George said...

mari la together!

Haizum said...


They actually put "Anime Secrets" as the section punya name?


Punya kick.

Sir George said...

tida bah...haha.. they put bleach hair coloring..then when i look close..there it is font size 0.5 Anime Secrets haha!

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Sir George said...


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