Wildlife Huntin'

In This Post ... Sir George goes to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park the same one that Julian went a while back ago..Here The Adult fee is RM 10 and Children is RM 5, Without further ado..Let's go Huntin!

The Entrance

Sir George, Lady Nana and the Brother AlF

Once you enter you'll be greeted with this Sign



Hornybill Birdie

Then You'll see some animals.. Let Me tell you somethin, all the animals here are just plain lazy and spoil..scroll down to know what I mean

Deer Santa

Tidur Saja..

Poor Phyton.

Ok now Lets play a game in searching 3 animals base on these 3 Pictures..

Animal Huntin game.

First We need to find the Jumbo,




You Found Jumbo!!

more elephant.

Now to Find the Sunny Bear..

Sleeping Tiger.


Sunny Bear

You Found Sunny Bear!!

Now for the Finale ,To find the Kancil

Posing maut~

Little Proboscis


You Found Kancil!!

Congratulations You found all 3 Animals..Hope you had Fun and quit Staring at Kancil Havin a Crap!


Nana said...

Funny funny just like you :)

Haizum said...

*laughs* I WAS actually staring at the kancil cause I was trying to figure out what he was doing. Then when I saw that last sentence you put there.. Malunya.. -_-

Sir George said...

Fixed already!

d1n0za said...

Awesome post! I must go visit soon! Wanna see something actually kena patuk! heh...

Sir George said...

Ha ha..go go! tapi dont expect to meet T-Rex there la

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