JoJ punya Fav Office Machine

Workin in the office is fun especially if there's something that you wanna look forward to.. Haha I know some of you just wanna be in the office for the sake of sayin Hi! to some hot chiq or guy!.. Some just wanna be in the office coz of the hight speed internet connection.Or Just wanna be in the office for the work "What!? that's scary!".. this categorize as workaholic "Get'off of' me!".Normally in the office you'll find so many cool and sophisticated stuff such as Fax Machine and Photocopier, Now even There's Photocopier+Fax Machine in One.. I bet most of the stuff in your office can't be found at home.

Fax and Photocopy machine

Wanna Know what's my fav Machine in my office? Haha.. you must've guess is ma'Laptop.. Well actually my IBM Laptop came in second.. Close one. I Do love my International Business Machine Laptop don't get me wrong.It help me finish up my work and most importantly entertain me..hmmm you guys figure it out..

IBM(International Business Machine) Laptop

Le me tell you what's my fav machine in the office, it's Something so sophisticated and satisfies you whenever you feel stress, it even helps you to start off your fruitful day..Here's a preview..

The Most sophisticated and coolest machine yet!

WOW!! I love this piece of machine!.... Gimme Coffee in the morning,Milo the next hour,Cappucino the next then Latte after keeps on comin...easily hand's down it is my fav machine in the office..Stress free,starts your day and never starve machine..hehe..Just a press of a button it produce the nicest and tastiest drink that you desire...It even Welcomes you whenever you stand close to it.. place your mug, press the button and Enjoy!!

Fountain of never starveness

Haha..I hope they produce a machine similar to this in the future but makin food instead..
Press----->1 (Pizza)
----->2 (Burger)
----->3 (Fries)
----->4 (Salad)
----->5 (Fried Chicken)
----->6 (Maggi Goreng)
----->7 (Sushi)

I'm sure no one wanna quit your company after you place this piece of machine..hehe..
So What's your Fav Machine in the office?


maslight said... high tech, an easy make everything..

there's nothing interesting in my office. well maybe my compy but i think my home compy is better in this case..*hiks~

Sir George said...

oh ya ka.... nevermind ba...comp office pun ok juga..hehe

Haizum said...

Uhu... I'd like one of those too. Saves time kalau sahur he he.

maslight said...

yerrr office compy mana siok oh..

i want dat machine! XD

Sir George said...

hehe... cuba la propose sama boss to get the machine im sure boss also want that..haha

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