"Your Berry"

Two Days ago..Sir George and Lady Nana goes to a new joint in town. Well the Joint is called "YOGUR BERRY" although it looks like "YOUR BERRY".. Initially we thought this is like a Ice Cream Parlour.But Nope, It's actually a Yogurt place and good for anyone lookin for a diet cream.

Yogur Berry

Whoa..A Yogurt place cool!.. But i'm not a fan of Yogurt but.. Lady Nana is.When we walk into the Joint we saw this greeting which said " 3 points in Yogur Berry"Hmmm..I wonder what that is?

Dunno what the 3 points are..?

Any way, Menu Looks kinda Fun, Filled with Multiple type of Yogurt which serves like Ice Cream plus your choice of fruits they even have Juices and Roti. Not Roti Pratta or Roti John,But Roti Ikan.... Imagine Roti Canai Sardine.. ... ... ... haha nothing like that..It's just a fish shaped bread,not to sure what in it though.

Fun Menu

Lady Nana ordered a large Yogurt Ice Cream I Think.. but it just reminds me of ABC.

I Love Yogurt

Well Like I said Earlier i'm not a Yogurt fan , so I wanna play safe and ordered " Can I just get an Orange Juice please?".. I Still Dunno what the 3 Points are.....

Here's my Orange juice

Once my Orange juice arrives I take a sip and look at the menu again...there it is .. To my amaze ma'Juice actually cost 7 Bucks.. what you guys think? a bit Pricey? .....I Do Believe So..

Pricey Juice

Even the Dudester agrees with me.

The Dudester

Now I get it ...the 3 Points of Yogur Berry!..well it's too late to realize it now.

Point1 >Stay Healthy
Point2> Order Yogurt
Point3>Never Order Juice


Well Now I know the 3 points of Yogur Berry, I Hope you do too.. Now I'm gonna enjoy the Juice by sippin at 1ml/h. Stay Healthy!!


Nana said...

That's why la ask u share with us yogurt don want now complaint about the juice...

d1n0za said...

The juice is expensive alright. How much is air suam? And when can i meet dudester?

Sir George said...

Air Suam!? nevere thought of that.. maybe i'll ask air suam for you la..haha.. dudester anytime bah..call only

maslight said...

lol...not a yogurt fan too..never been to yogur berry yet...omg pricey..

lol..u drew dat? i want see more drawings!!! XD

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