Hotels equip with Flat Screen TV

Nowadays Lots of Hotels , when you check-in you notice a nice looking Flat Screen TV, some are Hanging and some are just stands with skinny standees.These really attract lots of tourist internationally or even locally. Some Tourist even have playstation with them to occupy their time in these hotel rooms. Not all houses equip with these luxurious TV, but when they have the chance to use it, they'll make sure to fully utilise it.Here are some examples,

Flat Screen Tv hanging by the wall.
Caught your attention?I'm sure you wanna have one too. Imagine Watching Lord of the Rings in HD with Flat Screen LCD TV like this,
Luxury TV to die for..
That's what makes the Hotel so great.Survey says "What do you like about the Hotel?" They even mention "It's the Flatscreen TV." Even in Kota Kinabalu now Hotels come in with Flat Screen TV go Check out ,Radius International Hotel at and Imperial International Hotel at Both of these great hotels is setting the trend of Flat Screen TV here in KK.
Hotels that attract tourist.
But,Today I'm outstation in Tawau and i check-in to my regular Hotel,which normally a rather affordable but not cheap.And this particular hotel normally only equip with bulky TV,surprisingly They too wanna compete with other big name hotels in terms of equipping every room with flat screen TV.
Regular Hotel that I stayed-in
They really wanna follow the trend and I respect those who wanna improve themselves.Even a district area feel the wave of coolness with Flat screen TV.
Good ol' Bulky TV
But This hotel practice "making one instead of purchasing one".Yup you heard me, I'm sure none of you know what it takes to produce one right? This Hotel savin money by making their own Flat Screen TV from Bulky Tv into Flat Screen TV, Givin us a chance to see how it all produce. Confuse?
Another pics shows how bulky the TV is.

Here are some Illustrations of getting the Flat Screen TV done.I guess This is the first step of completing the Flat Screen TV.What a great effort by the hotel management..haha..
Flat Screen TV anyone..?

Hmm.. Now I roughly know what they use to produce a great Flat Screen TV, Ha ha.. Now you guys know how to start producing your own Flat Screen TV from the Bulky Ones. Way to Go!
That Device looks Familiar.
I Seriously Do Not Know how is this TV gonna look like, when I come to Tawau for my next OutStation.


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what a cool tv!!! ha ha

maslight said...

astaga koyak tu tv...some ppl -_-"

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