Sate+ABC a must Try!

Ever Heard of food combo like Fish+Chips,Maccaroni+Cheese and Popcorn+Movie I'm sure you do.But Here in sandakan there something call Sate+ABC.I've been always wanted to promote this great food combo.For anyone who stayed over in Sandakan doesn't matter for leisure,work or just for the sake of Stayin over you must Try this magnificent food.I was introduced to this Sate+ABC over 3 years ago and everytime i stayed over sandakan for work i will not miss this sate+ABC. Well I almost had it for once a month it's just too good, unless the shop is close or i arrive too late.

New Combo

ABC available from morning to 6pm however Sate only available from 3 pm to 6 pm also subject to the crowd on that day.One day i arrive at 5:15pm and all the sate already sold out.So be there before 5pm to be safe.
Sate consist of Beef or chicken serve with sauce which cost RM0.40 a stick previously but now RM 0.50 a stick

The reason why i enjoy this ABC so much,it's because of the Fruits that you'll find filled with Avocado,watermelon,papaya,sometime mango, red bean,sago and showered with Snow Ice.Now ain't that feel refreshing.The ABC cost RM3.30 a pop.

Mouth waterin? While you at it you might wanna order slices of bread cost RM 1, to compliment with the sate sauce.
The Shop is very easy to locate,no matter where you are when you head to town with a cab, just say BSN(Bank Simpanan Nasional), its just two lots away from BSN.If you're walkin around town just look for KFC and walk down the same block until you reach Alliance Bank and you'll see lots of smoke comin out of a shop across the street.

Shin Cheong Loong

Shop called "Sin Cheong Loong" and trust me sate+ABC is a must try.But the only drawback is that smoke covering the shop thanks to the sate grill.

Well'ive just finish mine..burp~~. Gotta head back and sniff*sniff* Oh..Man.. now i Smell like sate!


maslight said...

O.O wuah~ those look scary to me XD

Sir George said...

Dont be scared.. No one injured by the Sate Stick bah..

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