LP's Ordinary to Extraordinary Workshop Day3

Well this would be the final Coverage for the Workshop. Lots happen on that day and every second of it is priceless.It is an intense workshop I remembered during the 3 days, with total of 6 hours of sleep through out the 72 hours, I manage to pull off the final Exam Shots in within 3 minutes.Imagine the Tension, lets put that aside and checkout the highlights.

Selvam the First person I met in the Workshop, Thanx for all the sharing bro.

Edmund Pang Thanx for lending me the 70-200mm 2.8 for the 3 minutes exam shoot, I'm officially hooked on it.

Zach Chin, Once a Nikon will always be a Nikon..hehe

Kenneth Tan, Sniping away

Veralyne from, Pretty in White

Kenneth and Jason

* * * My 3 Minutes Exam Shots * * *

* * * End of My 3 Minutes Exam Shots * * *

Dear Friends, thank you for everything, it's wonderful to have met all of you and wish to see all of you again.Thanx for the memories.

(courtesy of Louis Pang)


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