LP's Ordinary to Extraordinary Workshop Day 2

I think most of you aware that Sir George was away for 3 days to attend Louis Pang's Ordinary to Extraordinary workshop. Attended by 22 Hungry and Passionate Photographers across the nation and Hong Kong(thanx to Martina) It is an Amazing Experience that we would never forget.Day 1 is all about lecturing and Images critic session and Day 2 is where the actions begin.This Workshop not only given opportunity for the students to take the Photography skills to another level but it also expanding the friendship network.Although it only take 3 days but we're pretty close after that.My appreciation and thanx to Click! Magazine for organizing such a great workshop.

Ellis Lo

Indoor Photography session ,

Grace Tan

Outdoor Photography In the middle of Sungai Buloh, Love the location.Looks very normal and ordinary but we transform it to something extraordinary.Here's how,

Kee Sit of Wedding Story documenting the session

Sniper Spotted

LP:"This is how you do it"

Edmund Pang

Anna Rina With Canon and Ice Cream

Zach Chin and Kenneth Tan comparing Nikon with Canon

Back Shot of Ellis

Shen Looks on

Kee Sit

It was a great Experience and Stay tuned for the next post, LP Ordinary to Extraordinary Workshop Day 3.

Official Coverage:Louis Pang Blog


beyond said...

WOot Sir George! NIce coverage of the workshop!

Sir George said...

Thanx man .. *sob*sob... miss the day already

Veralyne said...

Hey sir!
Are you going to send me the prints?
Love the photos that you took!

YANZ said...

gorgeous photos =D

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