the ROOF restaurant

The Roof?
I bet none of you know where this wonderful place is.

Lookin for a place to dine while waiting for the Sun to set?

Affordable with great atmosphere

Overlooking the Beautiful Sunset while waiting for your favorite barbecue
So where is this vibe looking restaurant?
It's located in the heart of Kota Kinabalu City, Warisan Square.The ROOF restaurant, Imperial International Hotel.This ROOF offers great variety of international food while enjoying the Sunset in the evening.

Feelin hungry?

Press 10 while you're in the Imperial International Hotel elevator and this will lead you to the roof of the hotel.Once there Friendly Staff of the Roof would be happy to greet you.

Lookin for a place to chill? I know where I'll be.. catch me at the ROOF!

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Haizum said...

Menyesalnya datang your blog. -_-

Lapar terus.

Pirut said...

:D I'll be there at 27/05 untuk acara Unduk Ngadau Peringat Negeri with some other photographer..KDCA photographer.. :)

maslight said...

Gahhhhhhhhh wrong timing..ahhh so...the roof ei...i never been there XD yet

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