Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Cyrstal Skull

Caught up with Jonesy yesterday, and I have to say It's been a while for me to catch such classic type of Movie.The scene, the jokes and the action are just one of it's kind.

The Good:
Well..what Can I say?.. Harrison Ford is back and this time he did it ol'school.Dont get me wrong, Imagine some veteran which trying to blend in to todays style or plot of movies, it just makes no sense.But I had to hand it to Mr.Ford for this, a great film jam pack with Action,Comedy,Dramas and Effects doing it in Classic mode.I've never seen this type of movies in a while.A great entertaining movie and worth to watch.Nothing would go wrong with the tagteam of Spielberg and Lucas.

The Bad:
I believe that the story has a room for improvement to take home the everlasting moments.

Here's my rate
3 1/2 out of 5 ..

Sir George Said:
"Same'o thing busy always..I know some posts already due...I'm working on it.. well two things i'm Happy about..first David Cook is the American Idol..Rock On .. and Of course ...GLORY Sound comin from Moscow!..Manchester United is the Champion of Europe..!!"


Gallivanter said...

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Stephers said...

Glory glory Man Utd!! *grin*

impedius said...

I love the movie and yeah, it could have been better. Go Indy!

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