Iron Man

Just Came out of the cinema an hour ago..catching up with the man..

The good:
Robert Downey Jr can see his full effort on his character for Tony Starks, Great Action Explosive effect. Lots of Super cars..great Humour makes it fun to watch.Another Milestone for Marvel Movies.

The Bad:
They actually name it Orang Besi..haha..

Here's my rate..

Sir George said:
"Actually kinda busy right now..yup you guys guessed it edit edit edit..just gonna post this just to make sure it's alive..another photo shoot lined up for me tomorrow, imagine the workload. Will post more on the Hanoi stories after this"


maslight said...

this is wut i call fast update

Ditaur said...

See Please Here

impedius said...

Featured ur Iron Man comments here -->

The movie rocks indeed!

Eve said...

"Orang besi"

Got better ideas?

Haizum said...

*laughs @ Orang Besi*

I sometimes wanna go to a movie just to see what the BM translation of the title is.

I have to go see this moviiiieee!!

(Kenapa la student budget ini sangat menyusahkan?)

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