Hanoi : Food!

Food in Hanoi is just amazing!.. If you love Herbs, Herbs and did I mention Herbs this is for you. in a nutshell all Hanoi's food is relatively healthy..and nice to eat..Average price here range from USD 1 to USD3 per meal.

Fried Spring Roll

this is the usual spring roll you see in Hanoi

This is Grill Chicken with fried rice ..not "Cha sew"

Its call PHO' in Vietnam but pronounce it as Fur...don't ask

well there's no McD in Hanoi ..could this be the replacement?

If you askin for juice they will never add anything else into it.. unless you request for it like, Ice,sugar..yup no sugar in the juice just pure...


Dessert again

Something to eat in Halong Bay.

Food is provided if you join the Halong Bay tour

warning: Seafood here requires at least Level 70 stomach strength.

and lastly my Favorite


Sorry Dude..


mr-penman said...

Vietnam is lovely!

I went to HCMC last April with my GF.

You should visit HCMC, then go to Phnom Penh > Siam Reap!


I have yet to blog abt it... >_<

Sir George said...

Haha..yaya..been to HCMC already..but i think you'll love Hanoi more... Capital city of Vietnam lots of thing to buy!!

Rainer Yong said...

bro, now im hungry! damnnnn youuuuuu

Sir George said...

Come la bro...Bah Kut Teh kita

Rainer Yong said...

haha funny that your are mentioning it, cause I AM going for bak kut teh tonite! sana Yu Kee

maslight said...

wuah the fewd..

but last shot tu bah @_@ hahahahahahha pok pok

Sir George said...

Rainer> B K T session..bersama CSP amacam?


Rainer Yong said...

boleh bah, bila?

Fara said...

Sedap ooooooooo!!!!!

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