Pre and Post Audition

Here's the report that all of you waitin for, The Audition pictures and videos !!
The audition event was sponsored by Radius International Hotel at and Imperial International Hotel at Thanks to DinZ.

Producers settin up the stage

talents in the makin

We actually made the audition similar to what you've seen in the American Idol

The Real American Idol Judges

Paula,Randy and Simon...not quite

auditioning Brad Pitt

William Hung comes in....OMG

Here's the Brave People who's going for it

Edgar for Prof Harris,Sam and Sean..too much talent

Daniel as Prof Chua..but isn't he white?

Hanafi as the leading role Justin Timbe...haha

Jason goin for Sean

Irene as Karen

There are more people but we shortlisted these few.

Here's explain to you what happen during the show, Clips are courtesy of DinZ

The Cast and judges before the show goes on air

The Cast and Judges after the audition

Julian Casting as the female character?

We hope we able to offer contracts for all these brave people, but we'll do that as soon as we be patient aight.. Once the decision bein made we'll announce it to the blog !But my credits goes out to whoever there on that day and really appreciate all the hardwork and we hope all of you will be broadcast allover TV..

Julian: I think I'll take up Sandra what you guys think?

Banana that Julian mention from the 3rd video

Shiver as Sam,nope we didn'y force him to audition... great barber dude!..hehe

This is Sir George.OuT! (seacrest wannabe...ouch)

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