WANTED!! Actor and Actress!

As maybe most of you have known, Sir George and I'mJulian currently producing a short film this February. We are lookin for actor and actress to play a role in the following character,

Justin is very nice guy who always seems to be a victim of circumstances. He has constantly been bullied in life either by his wife or his boss and is slowly losing his patience and sanity. Preferably someone overweight.

Justin’s friend and colleague. He is a joker and unwittingly becomes an accomplice to Justin’s crimes.

She is the wife from hell. She doesn’t work and all she does is scream at Justin. She is the picture right next to the word b**** in the dictionary.

Mr. Yong
A greedy, manipulative businessman who only cares about one thing, profits. He is constantly on Justin’s case for being too honest.

Prof Harris
Proud and dishonest scientist

Prof Chua
Levelheaded scientist

Eccentric but brilliant scientist

and Extras..but main priority for the main casters


this post also a mirror from I'm Julian which state:

  • Genre: Horror / Comedy.
  • Honestly speaking we dont have a big fund to do this project & thus lets be honest, please dont expect to make money out from this... We will pay for fuel & transportation cost. Meals will be provided during the time of shooting. We will provide make up. It's more for exposure for the actors & actress, so we hope you'd understand.
  • We hope the actors & actress understand that certain scene might result in multi times of shooting & may last from morning till night (if the situation requires it).
  • This video will be in English.
  • This Short Film will be Directed by TheShaz
  • Make-up by Jofanna
  • Audition Date: 2nd February 2008 (Saturday).
  • Venue for Audition:Imperial Hotel ,Warisan Square
  • Shooting day: 15th February 2008 (Friday, the next day after Valentines day) & will be on and off till the 28th February 2008 (Thursday).

All readers take note that, this short film might be featured in Astro and We strongly encourage everyone to take this opportunity and give it a shot!
Unleash your inner talent, and come join us.. besides that It will be very much appreciated if you can spread this words around..

interested?contact us at:
For more questions do email at silver_hand81@yahoo (dot) com or to george_yong@hotmail (dot) com.


Apologize for the late update...simply because I'm too busy with...this,


Haizum said...

Wooow!!! Tell us how it goes ya? :D

Jericho Alexander Joe said...

not interested with the audition...i'm more to ur psp...hehehe....so how is it? heard the joystick easily 'tercabut'...

Sir George said...

Haizum> It went great and hope it turns out well for the film as well

jericho>ok la..the PSP so far very nice to me

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