What's This?and the answer is....

Something That I came across to while I'm in Sandakan few days ago..Know what that is? Tell Me by fillin up the Comment Box..hehe..

Ok.Apologize for the delay..really busy yesterday and found out I can't even log in to Internet..Is it just me?..oh well ..

Here's the Answer:

A Gel in a plastic Bag.. cost RM1

I just find it unusual to have a hair gel in a plastic bag..normally hair gel stored in a proper container ..but this..haha..funny man..thanx for playin'

phew! finally finish Christmas Shopping a total of 26 and plus other 9 for immediate family and the magic number is 35 presents.Glory Glory Man United 1 and Liverpool 0..haha..planning for Mt Kinabalu trip this mid February all are invited will let you all know bout the details soon..Had my first cinema after so long "I Am Legend" cool movie, bad Dark seeker and Damn you Fred!!! and KK is very Jam!!


maslight said...

apa ni? gel rambut ka?

mr-penman said...


maslight said...

isk!!!! george mana answer?!

Sir George said...

Maslight>Ya...Gel Rambut..haha..sorry for the delay macam streamyx rusak..anyway good guess!

mr-penman>It's actually Hair Gel..haha

maslight said...

nyahahhahaha XD

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